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CAAML V4.2 is the last version of CAAML where the complete schema files are available.


Operational - new adoptions not recommended

Other versions

Previous version: CAAML V3.0.3 (operational)
Next version: CAAML V5.0 (in development)

What's new?

The file structure of CAAML schema files was redesigned to allow CAAML to be used as an international standard that is not necessarily tied to Canadian element definitions. At the same time, the schema was made fully GML compliant and additional modules for avalanche accident information and snow profile observations were added.


  • Pascal Haegeli (Avisualanche Consulting)
  • Roger Atkins (Canadian Mountain Holidays)

Technical Documentation

Click here for a detailed technical documentation on this CAAML standard.

Available Schemas

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