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CAAML V5.0 is the latest implementation of CAAML.


In development - while individual CAAML V5.0 profiles are available for specific applications, the overall CAAML V5.0 schema is currently still under development.

Other versions

Previous version: CAAML V4.2 (operational)
Next version: n/a

What's new?

This is the first version of CAAML that uses the concept of CAAML Profiles to facilitate the adoption of the standard for specific application. Furthermore, the the file structure was revised to better reflect the derivation of observation as element types.


  • Pascal Haegeli (Avisualanche Consulting)
  • Roger Atkins (Canadian Mountain Holidays)

Technical Documentation

The technical documentation for this CAAML standard is not yet available.

Available Schemas

Complete Schema
  • caaml.xsd
  • caaml_ObjectsAndObservations.xsd
  • caaml_ObjectsBase.xsd
  • caaml_ObjectsGeometry.xsd
  • caaml_ValuesComposite.xsd
  • caaml_ValuesList.xsd
  • caaml_ValuesScalar.xsd
  • gml3.2Profile.xsd
  • xlinks.xsd
CAAML Profiles
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