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The CAAML specifications are defined in a series of XML schema documents based on the W3C's XML Schema language. These files define the overall structure of a valid CAAML file including all data elements and their allowed enumeration.

Existing Versions

  • CAAML V1.0.3 (deprecated)
    The initial specifications for CAAML were developed to support an electronic submissions of the industrial information exchange (InfoEx©) of the Canadian Avalanche Association. These specifications were limited to support observation elements that had traditionally been exchanged in the InfoEx©.
  • CAAML V2.2.6 (deprecated)
    For this version, CAAML was expanded to include the majority of specification defined in the Observation Guidelines and Recording Standards (OGRS) of the Canadian Avalanche Association.
  • CAAML V3.0.3 (deprecated)
    In order to support more detailed geographic information in CAAML, the standard was modified to incorporate key elements of GML, the XML standard for geographic information.
  • CAAML V4.2 (operational - new adoptions not recommended)
    The file structure of CAAML schema files was redesigned to allow CAAML to be used as an international standard that is not necessarily tied to Canadian element definitions. At the same time, the schema was made fully GML compliant and additional modules for avalanche accident information and snow profile observations were added.
  • CAAML V5.0 (in development)
    This is the first version of CAAML that uses the concept of Profiles to facilitate the adoption of the standard for specific applications. Furthermore, the schema file structure was redesigned to more properly derive observation and element types.

Existing Schema Versions

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